Welcome to DropNY.com


I wanted to welcome all our readers to our new DropNY.com blog. This blog will be fighting for the removal of “NY” from all NJ sports teams. It is ridiculous that while New Jersey gives these teams our hard earned tax money for training fields and stadiums, they refuse to acknowledge NJ as their home state. It is time for this to end.

The teams in question are the “N Y” Giants, “NY” Jets and now the “NY” Red Bulls. All of these teams have no association with NY other than their names. NJ is even in the process of spending $85 million of OUR tax money for a new stadium for the Red Bulls, while they just decided to change their name to “NY”. What New York team wears NJ or New Jersey on their logo or shirt?

As our slogan says – “Show everyone where you play – NJ all the way!!”

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